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Friday, January 29, 2010

Helping Kids Succeed

I am certified in the unique process of Kolbe. This amazing education allows me have insight into individuals, helping them understand how they are created and further how to best succeed at being themselves. Kathy Kolbe defines success as the freedom to be oneself! I have included the Kolbe website for your further exploration, I am also available to answer any questions or offer assistance.

With our kids, even from the very youngest age, we Moms want to provide them with the tools they need to be successful at anything they do; whether this be learning to pick up their own toys or speak in public, we want to empower them to problem solve, have an inner confidence, and to be able to handle life as it comes at them.

There is a great advantage to life when we truly understand how we were created and our individual MO's (modus operandi).  This knowledge helps us willingly enter life's situations that will propel us in a positive direction and will also help us avoid those situations that only bring us frustration.  Giving our kids the experience of these truths strengthens their ability to make good choices and sharpens their problem solving skills, these are invaluable tools for their life-long "Tool Kit".

As a parent, having this insight also helps immensely with those "what's wrong with my child?" moments that we all have when they don't don't act (or react) the way we think they should. I find I have much more grace towards my kids because I believe that I understand them and various struggles they encounter. On the other hand I can also direct my accountability of them to specific areas that are of concern. It helps keep our focus on their life as a whole journey, not get caught up in the moments of crisis and to stay the course of what we believe to be God's plan for each of our kids.

I encourage every family to invite the Kolbe Wisdom into their lives and experience the true freedom that it brings and to help our kids succeed!

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