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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Precious Family Recipes

One of the most precious gifts I was ever given was a family cookbook. Now, my kids are nowhere near the age of getting married, but it's never too early to think about some special things in their future. While organizing my loose-leaf recipe pages, you know the ones you tear out of magazines because they look so good but you never get around to making them? Yah, those. I put the ones that I REALLY am going to make into my Recipe binder, which was bursting at the seems with old favorites, family heirlooms, and 
those yet untried; it was too many!

I purchased a new binder just for those family favorites, ones that have a story behind them or have been passed down and covered them with sheet protectors. Now, I can also record the origins and special notes as I cook these family recipes in preparation for one day passing them on to my kids for their own "Family Heritage Cookbook", what a precious gift!

One advantage to clearing these out of the old recipe binder, was I made more room to store those recipes I have yet to explore and discovered many that I put on this week's menu with a renewed commitment to test the untested, maybe there is a future "Family Fav" yet to be discovered!

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